Membership & Members

We certainly are lucky to have such a wonderful asset available for our use. Unfortunately wonderful assets don’t run on air. For a mere $15.00 per annum, or $35.00 per family, not only will you get a warm and fuzzy feeling that will last all year from knowing you are helping to maintain our fabulous community hall and landmark, you will also get FREE entry to a range of community events such as Table Tennis, Yoga, Bridge, Singing or any other visits to the hall. These would normally cost $5.00 pp.

We would encourage you to casually mention the Hall Membership scheme at regular intervals to friends and neighbours who are not members. At the moment it costs over $2000 a year to keep our hall open (insurance, power etc.) and we are aiming for 200 members so that it can operate on a sustainable basis without the need for constant fundraising. If you would like to become a financial member for 2017, simply email for details or pay online directly to: ASB Account # 12 3095 0212543 00 Account Name - Mahurangi West Hall & Reserve Inc. (Put your name in the reference box)

or mail a cheque to "Hall Membership" c/o  58 The Bullock Track, RD3 Warkworth, 0983. Alternatively, you can pay at any ASB Branch.


Membership Type


Single ($15)



Balch, Sabina


Carter, Catherine


Chambers, Janice


Chambers, John


Collins, A


Collins, P


De Ment, Monica


Fischer, Rob


Forbes, Barbara


Hanne, Mike


Lang, J


Lang, R


Lang, R G


Mayclair, Velma


John Miocevic


Judy Miocevic


Payne, Greg


Radic, Maria


Trevarthen, Shirley



Family ($35)

Meyndt Family


Franche-Sager Family


Halpin Family


Hinton Family


Lang Family


McDonald Family


Milne Family


Simons Family



Life ($500)

Hopkins Family


Atherfold/Walker, Brent & Marlene


Clee Family


Dangerfield Family


Giles Family


Light/Tracy, Liz & Sam


James Family


Liggins/McMullen Family


MacDonald, Allan and Lee


Neil, Mike & Norma


Bottema Family


Bob & Sue Stephenson


J Barry Ferguson


Valerie Green


Binns Family