As of February 7th, 2017 Yoga with Helen will be held at the hall Tuesdays 8.30 am. 
Contact Helen on 021 235 7379  or email for bookings and more information.

Yoga with Bridget is being held at the hall Thursdays at 6pm. 
Contact Bridget on 021 709 966 for bookings and more information.

A few of our community have been meeting at the hall Saturdays for an unguided session ( with the assistance of an audio tape ) of Ashtanga Yoga.  There is no charge to attend, the only requirement is that you are either a member of the hall or pay a $5.00 hall usage fee. If you are interested in joining the group at 7.45 am for 75 minutes just show up or contact Sabina on 021 178 4060 for more information.