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Fishing Competition 2015

posted 19 Mar 2015, 20:49 by Mahurangi West   [ updated 18 Dec 2016, 14:33 ]
The Annual Mahurangi West Community and Jamieson Bay & Opahi Bay Challenge
Held on Sunday, 25th January 2015

Winners Results as follows:
Biggest Snapper – Under 7yrs (Forbes Trophy 1997) won by Alexis Dowling, 6yrs
Biggest Fish – Under 7yrs (Mick Berger Family Trophy) won by Levi Down, 3yrs
Biggest Yellowtail – Under 12 yrs (trophy) won by Nina Fraser, 8 yrs
Biggest Fish – Under 12 yrs (Huawai Oysters Trophy) won by Silas Adams, 11yrs
Biggest Snapper – Under 12 yrs (trophy) won by Kyan Rivers, 10yrs
Most Fish – Under 12 yrs (Brian & Heather Moore Trophy) won by Antony Fraser, 8 yrs
Biggest Fish – Under 16 yrs (trophy) won by Cameron Davey, 9yrs

Open Competition as follows:
Oddest Fish (trophy) won by Terry Jamieson with a Grand-Daddy Hapuka (Jamieson Bay)
Most Meritorious Catch (no trophy) won by Rod Banks with a Trevally (Jamieson Bay)
Greatest Variety (trophy) won by Oliver Wynyard with 6 varieties (Jamieson Bay)
Biggest Yellowtail or Kingfish (Ray McGreal Memorial Cup) won by Wesley Hart with a Kingfish (Jamieson Bay)
Lads' Biggest Snapper (Kewene Cup) won by Celeste Botherway (Opahi Bay)
Men’s Biggest Snapper (Earle Opai Memorial Cup) won by Michael de Pont (Opahi Bay)
Ladies' Biggest Fish (Thomson Cup 1997) won by Ms Rowan McGregor with a Snapper (Jamieson Bay)
Men’s Biggest Fish (Jo & Graham Mickell Memorial Cup) won by Wesley Hart with a Kingfish (Jamieson Bay)
Biggest Snapper (Mahurangi West Biggest Snapper trophy) won by Steve Kose (Jamieson Bay)

For the first time in recent memory, Jamieson Bay took out the Challenge Cup with a 7– 2 result from the Open Competition.
It was a great day for fishing with fine and sunny weather and the competition was fierce with many fine examples of fish presented for competition.
Michael and Karena de Pont, Fishing Competition organisers would like to thank Ken Prime and Kathi Smith for helping to collect registration entries, Mike and Maree Owston-Doyle for supplying the certificate printing and chocolate fish, the Evans family for the gift of a child’s fishing rod that went to the winner of the Biggest Snapper for Under 7’s, Tracey Dowling for taking the photos at the prize giving, Charlotte Grant for helping with the distribution of sponsors prizes and Rheem Industries for supplying the spot prizes and winners gifts.  
Special thanks goes to the 160 adults and children that entered and participated in the competition, your on-going support of this community event helps makes the local Mahurangi West community one of the great corners of New Zealand to live and holiday in.