Civil Defence - CRG (Community Response Group)


Our community's vulnerability which stems from the fact that we have only one road in and out of the community which is prone to subsidence in heavy rain, one landline circuit which fails in high winds and water ingress, and only one power line into the area which has left us without power for up to five days in the past. Many of the impressive trees which line Mahurangi West Road are often only one storm away from loosing large limbs and indeed falling over the road.

Household Preparedness

Auckland City Civil Defence Emergency Management encourages households to make provision for these emergency situations. Information on preparing for emergencies is available on an excellent website which has all you will ever need to know about preparedness. 

Community Preparedness

Community Response Groups (CRG) were formed to coordinate services in local communities. Our community response group has members representing each of the six small communities which make up the Mahurangi West and Pukapuka catchment and have local knowledge of the people and the areas. We are presently looking for someone who lives in and can represent Pukapuka.

The Mahurangi CRG

Emergency Management

In the event of an emergency, the CRG will be based at the Mahurangi West Hall to provide and coordinate services for those who need them. The CRG is able to provide shelter, power, water, cooking facilities, refrigeration, basic first aid facilities, advice and emergency communication at the Mahurangi West Hall for those who may have to leave their homes in emergencies.


The CRG will also provide a communication network for the area when normal communication service is not available. If you would like to be able to use the network in emergencies we use ORICOM 2 watt 80 channel UHF handsets on either channel 10 or 20.

Becoming Involved

If you would like to be part of the CRG you would be welcome. Outside of emergencies, very little time is required. We are particularly looking for:

·         people with skills such as medical training, counselling, communications, first aid  

·         people that would be willing to share equipment such generators, chain saws, 4WD vehicles, diggers, boats etc. in an emergency.

Next Step

If you would like to be involved please contact any of the existing CRG Contacts listed below and/or forward current details [phone, cellphone, and / or email] to Barbara Forbes who is maintaining our database at If you could also let Barb know what skills and equipment you have, we could be grateful. We can assure you that the information will be confidential and used only in cases of emergency, or for occasional training exercises.


Steve Reid                    021 752621                 Coordinator


Rob Fischer                  0211791741              Bullock Track


Barbara Forbes             021 2961457       Jamiesons Bay


Cluny Macpherson         021 1424287     Mahurangi West


Mike De Pont                027 2243832        Opahi Bay


Vacant                                                                                               Pukapuka
Mahurangi West,
2 Jul 2013, 22:14